Sunday, February 16, 2020

MasterChef India Season 6 WINNER | Odisha boy Abinas Nayak Wins the Title

MasterChef India Season 6 Winner Name 2020 have been leaked online. There have been amazing cooking compeition among the TOP 3 Finalists Contestants of MasterChef India 6 in a Grand Finale Episode and we got the Name of MasterChef India 6 Winner 2020 in a finale. Odisha Boy Abinas Nayak lifted a winning trophy and prize money.
abinas winner

MasterChef India Season 6 TOP 3 Finalists have been Akanksha Khatri, Oindrila Bala and Abinas Nayak who competed hard to win the Title Trophy. The Grand Finale have been very exciting for contestants as well as show fans.

MasterChef India Season 6 Finalists gone through toughest cooking challenge where they have to create a tasty dish with given challenge. Judges Ranveer Brar, Vinit Bhatia and Vikas Khanna checked our every dish of our finalists.

Later it was the toughest cooking challenge in finalists Oindrila Bala and Abinas Nayak. Now, MasterChef India Season 6 Winner Name revealed and who is Abinas Nayak. Congratulations to the 27 year Engineer turned Chef Abinash Nayak for winning the Title of MasterChef India 2019-2020 in a finale.

As Winning Prize Abinas gets shining Trophy and 25 Lakh Rupees Price money. A Big Congratulations to all the 3 finalists and Winner Abinas for amazing cooking play in grand finale.

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