Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Elimination List Indian Idol 11 | Eliminated Contestants Names, who Evicted today!

Sony TV aired singing reality show Indian idol Season 11 have the list of Eliminated Contestants. On the Very First Elimination of Indian Idol 2019, we have seen the 5 Contestants got eliminated from the show and we got to know about the TOP 10 after the first two weeks Voting results.
elimination indian idol 11

Indian Idol 11 TOP 15 Contestants who performed in a first two weeks were Rohit Shyam Raut, Kaivalya Kejkar, Stuti Tiwari / Stutee, Nidhi Kumari, Sunny, Azmat Hussain, Pallav Singh, Ballia Jannabi Das, Ridham Kalyan, Chelsi Behura, Rishabh Chaturvedi, Chetna Bhardwaj, Shahzan Mujeeb, Adriz Ghosh, Subhadeep Das. They performed for two weeks and later voting results have been revealed.

Indian Idol 11 Elimination List | Sony TV Eliminated Contestants

Judges Neha Kakkar, Vishal Dadlani, Anu Malik have revealed the results of voting on 23rd November, 24th November 2019 Episode about the Elimination of 5 contestants who got less Votes. Finally after the First Elimination on Indian Idol 11, we got to know about the TOP 10 Contestants of the show.


Indian Idol 11 Elimination 24th November 2019 - Chelsi Behura, Pallav, Nidhi Kumari, Subhadeep Das, Stuti Eliminated.

Indian Idol 11 Elimination 7th December 2019 - Kaivalya Kejkar got Eliminated.
Chetna Bhardwaj

Indian Idol 11 Elimination 14th December 2019 -  Chetna Bhardwaj got Eliminated.
Azmat Hussain

Indian Idol 11 Elimination 21st December 2019 -  Azmat Hussain Eliminated.
jannabi das

Indian Idol 11 Elimination 4th, 5th January 2020 -  Jannabi Das Eliminated.

Indian Idol 11 Elimination 19th January 2020 -  Stutee Tiwari Eliminated.

Indian Idol 11 Elimination 2nd February 2020 Episode - Rishabh Chaturvedi Eliminated.
shahzan mujeeb

Indian Idol 11 Elimination 16th February 2020 Episode - Shahzan Mujeeb Eliminated.

Note - The List of Indian Idol 11 Eliminated Contestants to be revealed here.

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  1. my-vot-sunny-hindustani-winer-is-sunny

  2. My favorite from the very first day was only Sunny... My bro from my city Bathinda... So proud of you bacche... Good luck & have faith in you... You will shine very soon... lots of love & blessings...

  3. Yes i love to all contestents but i really love to sunny i vote to him for singing innocence respect to nusrat sahab and for his hardwork without any guru of siinging his guru is direct soul to soul of nusrat sahab

  4. Sunny will be the winner of indian idol 2019 and runner will be shahbaz mujeeb

  5. Sunny will be winner of indian idol 2019 and runnet will be shahbaz mujeeb

  6. Sunny will win the show, I like him very much

  7. Sunny, Sunny & Sunny.. is the winner

  8. Hope adriz Rishabh and sunny to win. I feel azmat is getting sympathy votes just my opinion. May the best singer win

  9. No sympathy vote... Azmat has diversity maturity in his skills. While sunny is fit into one zone. Azmat is far more ahead than other singers in the show.

  10. They all are very good but Sunny is the best.

  11. Sunny is the best. He should win the title.

  12. Sunny lacks versitality...He can just sing Nusrat fateh Ali khan s songs..The most versatile singer should win the competition

  13. sunny will win the show.. runner up will be Ankona

  14. I wish sunny would be the Indian idol