Thursday, October 17, 2019

MTV Ace of Space 2 WINNER Name 2019, First Runner Up, Prizes

Vikas Gupta hosted MTV Ace of Space Season 2 nearing to the Grand Finale Episode. Top Finalists Contestants of MTV Ace of Space 2 revealed and Its time to find out the MTV Ace of Space 2 Winner Name in a Grand Finale Episode. See Who lifted a MTV Ace of Space 2 Winner Trophy and Who are the First Runner Up, Second Runner Up.
vikas gupta

MTV Ace of Space 2 Winner Name 2019. First Runner up, Winner and Runners Up prizes list revealed. MTV Ace of Space 2019 Finalists Contestants competed in a grand finale. The Intense Thrilling task happened in between them and finally we got to know about the MTV AOS 2 Winner.

Baseer Ali, Deepak Thakur, Krissan Barreto, Shruti Sinha, Roshni Misbah, Manhar Sheth, Akshay Kakkar, Lucinda Nicholas, Prakruti Mishra, Rashmi Jha, Salman Zaidi, Nasir Khan, Yash Rajput, Renu Bhati, OM, Khushali Vyas, Nikki, Rohit Singh Rajput entered to the MTV Ace of Space 2 house initially. Later, Wild Card Contestants Mandeep Gujjar, Ramiz, Pearl Almeida, Khushi Chaudhary, Adnan Shaikh entered to the house.

The Second Season of MTV Ace of Space have been quite intense and thrilling with task in house guests. The Grand Finale have been quite exciting among the strongest contestants of the Show.

MTV Ace of Space 2 Winner Name 2019 - Salman Zaidi
MTV Ace of Space 2 Runner Up - Adnan Hussainm Baseer Ali, Shruti Sinha
salman zaidi

And the MTV Ace of Space 2 Winner Is... Salman Zaidi

MTV Ace of Space Season 1 Winner was Divya Agrwal. Now, It would be exciting to see Who bags the Trophy in MTV Ace of Space Season 2 Grand Finale.

The MTV Ace of Space 2 Winner and Runners Up will get the prizes in a grand finale episode. See Who lifted a MTV Ace of Space 2019 Winning Trophy in a grand finale episode.


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