Friday, September 20, 2019

TOP 8 Superstar Singer Contestants after 21st, 22nd September 2019 Elimination

Last week we have seen the Singer Contestants Soyab Ali and Urgen TSOMU got Eliminated from Superstar Singer show and we got the TOP 10 Singer, Later they have performed to get public voting support and now based on the Voting results we have the names of Superstar Singer Eliminated Singers on 21st September 2019 and 22nd September 2019 Episode. See Who are the TOP 8 Superstar Singer Contestants remained in a show.
top 8 contestants

After the latest eviction from Superstar Singer Sony TV show, we got the TOP 8 Contestants in a show. See who are the Eliminated Singer Contestants of Superstar Singer and who makes it to the TOP 8 based on public voting support.

Elimination on 21st, 22nd September 2019 Episode - Mohammad Fazil, Saatwik Das Eliminated
Superstar Singer Eliminated Contestants on 21st September 2019 Episode - Fazil, Saatwik Evicted

Superstar Singer TOP 8 Contestants List with Images

Superstar Singer TOP 8 Singer Contestants revealed here.
Nishtha Sharma, 13 Years, Sultanpur, UP 5
Priti Bhattacharjee, 9 Years, West Bengal
Mauli (Chaitaniya), Alandi, pune, Maharashtra - 12 Years 4
Shekinah Mukhiya - 13 Years, Dehradun 2
Ankona Mukherjee, Bankura, West Bengal - 13 Years
Sneha Shankar, 13 years, Mumbai 3
Tapolabdha Sardar, 13 years, Kolkata
Harshit Nath, Assam - 10 Years, Shivsagar, Assam 1

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  1. Vote for Priti Bhattacharjee Osm song and nice voice

  2. My Vote for harshit nath cute boy and Nice voice

  3. My vote Mauli (Chaitaniya) Osm voice

  4. My vote for lag ja gle se.... Songs singer

  5. My vote is for tapolabda sardar

  6. Ajinath kolekar my vote is mauli

    1. रामकृष्णहरि श्री विठ्ठल

  7. My vote for
    Nishtha Sharma
    Priti bhattacharya
    Ankona Mukherjee

  8. Mauli seems to me the weakest singer amongst top 8 singers.

  9. Sneha, Nishta, Ankona, Tapolabdha, Harshit, preity and shekainah

  10. my vote Priti Bhattacharjee,West Bengal

  11. Harshit nath is best singer and I wish that he win super singer trophy

  12. Harshit nath is best singer and I wish that he win super singer trophy