Saturday, September 14, 2019

Superstar Singer Elimination [14th September 2019] - Soyab Ali, Urgen got Eliminated

Sony TV aired Superstar Singer reality show have one more elimination on 14th September 2019 episode. See who is eliminated from the sony tv show this week and who were unsafe into bottom. After the elimination of Soyeb Ali and Urgen from Superstar Singer show, we got the Top 10 Contestants of Sony TV singing reality show.
soyab urgen elimination
Soyab Ali, Urgen TSOMU Eliminated
Superstar Singer Elimination 14 September 2019 - Soyab Ali and Urgen got Eliminated today

See the list of Top 10 Singer Contestants of Superstar Singer Sony TV show.

Mohd. Fazil, 10 Years, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Nishtha Sharma, 13 Years, Sultanpur, UP
Priti Bhattacharjee, 9 Years, West Bengal
Mauli (Chaitaniya), Alandi, pune, Maharashtra - 12 Years
Sattwik Das, 10 years, Kolkata
Shekinah Mukhiya - 13 Years, Dehradun
Ankona Mukherjee, Bankura, West Bengal - 13 Years
Sneha Shankar, 13 years, Mumbai
Tapolabdha Sardar, 13 years, Kolkata
Harshit Nath, Assam - 10 Years, Shivsagar, Assam

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  1. Being founders of Progressive NRI Association we are keenly interested in TV serials, Movies, Dances and singing competitions. In fact, ever since TV started becoming popular we are watching key programs particularly music and dance with great interest.
    In an ongoing Sony TV Super Star Singer competition at the first shortlist a teenager girl appeared who dressed like a boy which says she enjoyed very much although her father sais this how he protects his daughter. This speaks volume about Modiji’s “Beti Bachao Beti Padhoa” (Save your and educate your daughters). Surprisingly, one of the lead judges, Alka Yagnik had many questions including about her unique voice which resembled with Malik-a- Tarannum, Noorjahan, a well know singer (1935-1997). Although there is no doubt Alka Yagnik captured Indian Cinema 1990s with her melodious voice we found it quite shocking that she eliminated a rare voice on the pretext that she might succeed in a specific tonal range of singing. She failed to realise that historically this has been a very important tonal zone which has not been heard for more than half a century. In fact, tonal zone is irrelevant as one of the Judges Himesh Rashamiya also sings in a narrow tonal zone but is now very popular with public internationally.
    It is commonly believed that Noorjahan like voice appears once in 100 year however we were lucky to have such rare tonal quality voice just within 50 years which has been silenced unjustly. We would like to hear her singing again and certainly deserves a wild card entry.
    Rather than learning lessons from past mistakes on 14 September yet another unjust elimination of rare challenging voice of young Soyeb Ali who did not hesitate to take Salman Ali on both come from same village of Haryana. In our opinion no one could match Salman’s tonal range except Soyeb who at the age 8 has shown tremendous potential and certainly deserving of being among the top ten. Perhaps, he scared every one. However, once again Alka Yagnik chose to make premature and unfair comments as soon as he finished his song, “Today you were lost and was also go into No entry zone”. In all fairness a judge is entitled to make suggestion appreciating good parts and identify deficiency, if there are any, but not ridicule the singer who is only 8 years old.
    This didn’t happen for the first time, in another India’s voice show Anu Malik had shown highhandedness when he eliminated Krishnakali from Tripura who was ridiculed her although well-known script writer and lyricist, Javid Akhter who openly disagreed with Anu Malik and commented that her singing could not have been better yet she was eliminated. Anu Malik had to leave the show for appearance on “ME TOO” that is another matter.
    We believe, Alka Yagnik lie Anu Malik has turned from a professional singer to a ring leader since she has been out of mainstream singing for a long time.

  2. My vote for preeti Bhattacharya

    1. preeti bhattacharya superstar singer winner 2

  3. My vote preeti fabulous performance

  4. Nishtha sharma is the best singer
    My vote Nishtha sharma