Wednesday, August 7, 2019

TOP 14 Superstar Singer Contestants Names List Super 14, Revealed!

The most loved singing talent hunt reality show Superstar Singer 2019 have had the elimination of two singer contestants from the top 16 and we have got the Superstar Singer Top 14 Contestants with Images. See who are the Super 14 Contestants of Superstar Singer Sony TV Show who got selected after the eviction of 2 more.
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Till Date, we have seen 16 Contestants have performed in front of Judges Javed Ali, Alkya Yagnik and Himesh Reshmmiya. Now, 2 singer have been evicted from the list and we have got the Superstar Singer TOP 14 Contestants List. Meet the Super 14 Contestants of Superstar Singer Sony TV Show.

Its Time for the First Elimination in a Superstar Singer Sony TV Show and we got the names of Eliminated Singer Contestants. See who are evicted and who makes it to the Super 14.

Superstar Singer TOP 14 Contestants List with Images | Super 14 Names with Pics

Note - TOP 14 / Super 14 Contestants List revealed here. Biren Dang and Arohi Roy evicted and we get TOP 14 List.

Thanu Khan, Barmer, Rajasthan - 7 Years
Guntaas, 13 Years, Kanpur
Mohd. Fazil, 10 Years, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Nishtha Sharma, 13 Years, Sultanpur, UP
Priti Bhattacharjee, 9 Years, West Bengal
Urgen TSOMU, 11 Years, Bomdilla, Arunachal pradesh

Mauli (Chaitaniya), Alandi, pune, Maharashtra - 12 Years

Sattwik Das, 10 years, Kolkata
Shoaib Ali, Haryana - Soyeb Ali  8 Years, Mewat, Haryana
Shekinah Mukhiya - 13 Years, Dehradun
Ankona Mukherjee, Bankura, West Bengal - 13 Years
Sneha Shankar, 13 years, Mumbai
Tapolabdha Sardar, 13 years, Kolkata
Harshit Nath, Assam - 10 Years, Shivsagar, Assam

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