Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Thanu Khan Wiki: Meet Chhota Packet Entertainer on Superstar Singer

Sony TV aired Superstar Singer reality show have Announced their Super 16 Singer Contestants. One of them is 7 Years old Thanu Khan from Rajasthan. Yes, Thanu Khan is Smallest Kid of 7 years Age who is littlest among all the Selected Contestants. But his Entertainment quotion is really high and quite different. See the Wiki, Profile of Thanu Khan who is a great talented singer in a show.
thanu khan

7 Years Old Singer Thanu Khan from Barmer, Rajasthan surprised judges Alka Yagnik, Himesh Reshmmiya and Javed Ali with their singing skills and not only that, Thanu makes everyone laugh with his entertainment skills at such early age of his life.

Name - Thanu Khan
Age - 7 Years
City - Barmer, Rajasthan

See the Video Sneak peeks of Thanu Khan who makes the Superstar Singer more Special with his unique Andaaz. This Rajasthani Kid is Chhota Packet Bada Dhamaaka you will find on Superstar Singer reality show.

Thanu Khan performs with Mohd. Fazil (Video)

Thanu Khan came on Superstar Singer with his Rajasthani Desi look that you can see in a Video. Keep watching Superstar Singer every Saturday-Sunday 8 PM to have lot more fun with Thanu Khan.

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