Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Superstar Singer: Teams of Captains Salman Ali, Jyotica Tangri, Nitin, Sachin Kumar

Sony TV aired Superstar Singer reality show have had the 4 Captains who are set to give the musical training to the contestants in their teams. Each Captain having 4 Contestants in their Teams. Here we have list of 4 Captains and Singer Contestants in their Team. There are 4 Teams named Salman Ke Sitare, Jyotica Ke Swagstars, Sachin Ke Surile and Nitin Ke Joshile.

Each team having 4 contestants as listed out below. Now, Its going to be the toughest singing battle not only among the contestants but also between the captains of each team.

Team Salman Ali - Salman Ke Sitare
See who are the Singer Contestants in a team of Captain Salman Ali.
1. Mohd. Fazil
2. Sneha Shankar
3. Thanu Khan
4. Tapolabdha Sardar

Team Jyotica Tangri - Jyotica Ke Swagstars
4 Singer Contestants in Team Jyotica Tangri listed below.
1. Guntaas
2. Shekinah Mukhiya
3. Arohi Roy
4. Sattwik Das

Team Sachin Kumar Valmiki - Sachin Ke Surile
Meet the Sachin Ke Surile Singer contestants
1. Nishtha Sharma
2. Ankona Mukherjee
3. Urgen TSOMU
4. Biren Dang

Team Nitin Kumar - Nitin Ke Joshile
Talented Nitin Ke Jhoshile Singer Contestants names listed below.
1. Chaitanya Mauli
2. Harshit Nath
3. Priti Bhattacharjee
4. Soyab Ali

Judges Himesh Reshmmiya, Alka Yagnik and Javed Ali with examine the Singing Performances of each singer and they will give their scores accordingly. The Best one will stay longer into the competition and unsafe have to face the elimination every weekend.

Keep watching Superstar Singer every Saturday and Sunday 8 PM on Sony TV Channel.


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